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Upgrade Installation Instructions

Upgrade Installation from existing OS to Windows 8

  • Insert the Windows 8 installation disc. (Installation via USB drive is another alternative. However, Disc Installation is highly recommended.)
  • Run setup.exe from the media.
  • Select “Go online to install updates now (recommended)…” to retrieve any important updates for Windows 8 (Please ensure a stable connection to the internet to perform the required updates). Click “Next” to continue.
    (Note: This step is optional. If you choose not to check for updates during Setup, Select “No,thanks” and click “Next”)

  • Enter the product key in the text box, and then click “Next”.

  • Read and accept the Microsoft Software License Terms. Click “I accept the license terms” (required to use Windows), and then click “Next”.

  • Choose the files that you want to preserve (option varies between different operating systems). Click “Next” to continue.

    (Note: If you utilise the installation media, start your PC from the media, and then install Windows 8. With this method, you will not be able to keep your files, programs, or previous settings. To retain them, you will need to install Windows 8 by starting your installation, i.e. steup.exe from your installation media within Windows.)
  • Your chosen options will be shown. Please confirm the settings and click “Install” to proceed with the Windows 8 installation.

  • Windows 8 installation begins.

    (Note: During the installation, Windows will automatically restart several times. The screen will be black for a while during the reboots, so please kindly wait patiently for it to regain to its installation screen.)

  • Personalize your preferred Windows 8 color scheme, and then click “Next”.

  • Click “Use express settings” to automatically customize your Windows 8 settings.
    (Note: This step is optional. If you prefer your own setting, click “ Customize” instead.)

  • Click the text box below, enter your Microsoft email account with the keyboard, and then click “Next”.
    (Note: This step is optional. If you prefer signing in without your Microsoft account, click “Sign in without a Microsoft account” instead.)

  • Click the text box below, enter your user name, password and password hint with the keyboard, and then click “Finish”.

  • Your setup is completed. Please wait a while before Windows starts up.
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