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M-mode Utility

M-mode Utility makes picture quality refinements used for reviewing radiology images (e.g. x-rays in hospitals or private practices). The M-mode Utility allows users to switch comfortably between a brilliant color setting and an accurate grayscale display. M-mode selects a factory default gamma curve which is optimized for the DICOM grayscale standard, and thus makes even the finest grayscale variations visible. Fujitsu mobile PCs paired with the M-Mode Utility can be used in many medical review usage scenarios.

M-mode ON

M-mode OFF

Please note, the M-mode Utility is suitable for medical review applications, but is not certified for medical diagnostic scenarios.

System Requirements

  • LIFEBOOK® T937 FHD (1920 x 1080) display model
  • STYLISTIC® Q737 FHD (1920 x 1080) display model

Precautions for Use

  • The displayed images are not guaranteed compliant with DICOM Part 14.
  • M-mode is not intended for diagnostic purposes.
  • M-mode supports the computer's built-in display only.
  • Do not change the screen brightness while using M-mode.

M-mode Utility Installer

Software Name Model Version Size Type Readme
LIFEBOOK® T937 (Glare) 6.08 MB Original view
LIFEBOOK® T937 (Anti-Glare) 6.08 MB Original view
STYLISTIC® Q737 (Glare) 6.08 MB Original view
STYLISTIC® Q737 (Anti-Glare) 6.08 MB Original view

7-Zip File Archive Utility

Use this utility to extract downloaded drivers.

Software Name Model Version Size Type Readme
7-Zip File Archive Utility Recommended -

*Original: This is the original software/driver released with the computer. It is current and recommended for use.
*Updated: This software/driver is newer then the original version. It replaces the original software and is recommended for use.
*Archive: This software/driver has been replaced with an updated version. It is no longer current. Fujitsu does not provide support for the installation or use of Archive software/driver downloads.

Install Guide

1. Open the folder and double click the "setup" icon.

2. Click "Next".

3. Click "Install".

4. Click "Finish".

User Guide

1. Click "M-mode Utility" under "FUJITSU - M-mode Utility" from Windows Start Menu.

2. Click "ON" to turn on M-mode at M-mode Utility Window.

Or drag and drop [M-mode - toggle] into the Windows taskbar to create a M-mode Utility shortcut. Then click the shortcut icon to turn on M-mode.


  • Close the M-mode Utility Window before Windows Log Off.
  • When the M-mode utility is turned on, any changes made to power plan settings (e.g. Brightness or Power-saving Mode) will revert back to original settings when M-mode is turned off.

For assistance, please contact our technical support staff at 1-800-8FUJITSU.