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Services Overview

Helping translate IT into business

Today’s IT department must support the overall business, just like any other department in your organization. To achieve success, you must be able to translate your complex IT infrastructure into effective business processes that really drive profitability. Thus, rather than relegating IT to a support role, you should develop new, IT-focused opportunities that allow you to gain and maintain a competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive global market place.

For today’s business leaders and IT executives, the question is not only what needs to be done to your IT infrastructure but how to do it quickly and effectively. This is where Fujitsu can really help. We offer a complete range of services that will allow you maximize the potential of IT, while reducing overall costs, improving the return on investment – and still delivering outstanding service quality to your users.

Application Services

Fujitsu understands the need to deploy and upgrade business applications quickly, securely, efficiently and inexpensively. We also know you want better control over your application portfolio, while reducing operational costs. In response, we have developed a broad range of Application Services offerings that can be used to improve or transform your applications.

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Business Services

Fujitsu helps you respond to the challenge of planning, delivering and operating your IT systems in a complex, ever-changing business environment. Partnering with teams from your IT and business departments, we can deliver value to your customers, employees and stakeholders. We work with you to identify key business outcomes, then create a roadmap to success by removing obstacles in the areas of processes, people and technology.

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Cloud Solutions and Services

Fujitsu helps you achieves your business objectives through cloud advisory, enablement, migration and infrastructure services for public, private, community and hybrid clouds. Proven Fujitsu cloud solutions - on your premises or on Fujitsu premises - mitigate risk with agility, flexibility, and security, along with a “pay-as-you-grow” model that reduces capital expenses, improves efficiency and increases ROI.

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Dynamic Infrastructures

Fujitsu Dynamic Infrastructures provide ultimate IT flexibility and efficiency, allowing you to quickly respond to changing business needs. As a result, IT gains the capability to drive the competitive edge.

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Managed Infrastructure Services

The knowledge and experience we have gained in working with customers in a wide range of industries has enabled us to even further fine-tune our services to meet individual needs. The result has been our development of managed services for both data centers and offices.

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Product Support Services

Fujitsu Product Support Services are designed to expedite the implementation of your new Fujitsu equipment. Fujitsu QuickStart services will help you to get your equipment up and running quickly and to ensure that it is configured properly.  This will give you more time to concentrate on your business.

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Retailing Services

Fujitsu Retail Managed Services offer comprehensive retail technology management expertise, and leverage a relentless cost reduction methodology that delivers a unique competitive advantage to retailers.

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