Fingerprint Sensor
Fujitsu offers a built-in biometric fingerprint swipe sensor that eliminates the need for managing multiple passwords when accessing the network and managing email accounts and other protected systems. With a simple swipe of the finger, you can quickly and safely log onto the protected system and online accounts without having to enter passwords.

Palm Vein Sensor
Using the highly complex vein pattern in the palm of your hand, the palm vein sensor is a contactless, hygienic, highly secure authentication technology that’s extremely difficult to forge. Ideal for login/single sign-on entry security, infrastructure access management, secured cloud access, and shared use environments.

Smart Card
A dedicated Smart Card slot, allows you to store passwords and other confidential information on a small plastic card. Smart Cards are extremely convenient and are widely used in employee badges in large enterprises and in government - especially the Department of Defense. They can also be used in conjunction with TPM and the biometric fingerprint sensor for multi-level user authentication.