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We specialize in providing value to your students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Our solutions are designed and built to work in an educational environment just like yours. We understand that simplifying collaboration can only happen with the right hardware, software, and peripherals. We ensure that our systems connect to your network and supply any additional application support that is needed. We also provide a wide array of service plans for added protection. As if that isn't enough, Fujitsu also offers "No Worries" plans to students and their parents that include accidental damage service plans, theft protection services, and battery replacement.

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Why Choose Fujitsu to Support your Educational Institution?

Extremely High Quality & Reliability

Unlike other top manufacturers, Fujitsu is deeply involved in the design and production of its products. We control the quality every step of the way, enabling us to design and build some of the most reliable products on the planet. Our PCs give you the assurance that your system will not break down in time of need. This is an important part of the educational environment, and we strive to be the most reliable company you can find.

Fujitsu Reliability Overview

Experience & Reputation

Fujitsu is one of the world's top five providers of servers and PCs. Our customers include over half of the Fortune Global 500 companies. We have been involved in tablet computing for more than 15 years, and our products have been integrated into successful teaching programs across the U.S. and Canada. Our innovations have resulted in over 34,000 patents. We have been meeting the needs of education institutions for years, including University of Illinois, College of Engineering at Virginia Tech, and several private school districts across the nation.

Fujitsu America Portfolio

A Leader in Ultra-Portable Computing

Fujitsu manufactures innovative, reliable computing products with all the features you need for maximum productivity. Our notebooks and tablets are built for usability. We excel where others fall short – especially in the subtleties of tablet computing. Fujitsu designs mobile solutions that are not only intuitive to use and comfortable in your hands but also facilitate learning and inspire creativity.

Concept of Fujitsu PC


For more than a decade, Fujitsu has made a significant, sustainable investment in enterprise-wide initiatives, from reducing our carbon footprint, to eliminating lead and other harmful wastes from our supply chain and products, to broad recycling and reuse programs and reforestation projects. We continue to invest in innovation and programs that are good for both the environment and our business.

Fujitsu Environmental Initiatives

Case Studies

Fujitsu has been meeting the needs of educational institutions for years.

St. Joseph's Academy

St. Joseph’s Academy has a commitment to technology that is fused into the school, staff, and everyday lives of the students. The school has a strong vision for how it wants to use technology to help students academically and also prepare them for the future.

"One of St. Joseph's missions is to prepare our girls to become women of the future. They will face problems in college and the workplace but technology will be the tool they need to solve these problems."
– Linda Harvison, Principal, St. Joseph's Academy

St. Joseph's College Tablet PC Case Study (PDF 607 KB)

College of Engineering at Virginia Tech

The College of Engineering at Virginia Tech is the first and largest public college of engineering to require all 1,400 incoming freshman to purchase tablet PCs. The recommended tablet is the Fujitsu LifeBook T4000 Series convertible tablet used by students for tasks including taking class notes, collaborating on group sketches and sharing diagrams and notes with individual mark-ups. Instructors use tablet PCs to make their lectures more interactive and encourage participation in the classroom.

"We selected the Fujitsu LifeBook® Tablet PC based on its reliability and flexibility, and Fujitsu's years of corporate experience with Tablet PCs. Fujitsu Tablet PCs also provided the best balance of price, weight, service and screen size." (Glenda Scales, Associate Dean for Distance Learning and Computing, College of Engineering at Virginia Tech)

Virginia Tech Case Study (PDF 637 KB)

St. Andrew's College

St. Andrew's College needed a versatile tablet personal computer that could support a dynamic classroom environment where technology is fully integrated into the curriculum. To realize this vision, the school needed to equip students with a personal computer that could meet all the demands of a multi-faceted learning environment. The evaluation team found this machine in the Fujitsu LifeBook® T5010 Tablet PC. Last fall, the school purchased over 700 LifeBooks for of all of their students and faculty, and the clear consensus is that the vision has now been realized.

The most significant result of the completed vision is an interactive learning environment that keeps students engaged in the subject matter. "This makes it fun for kids," says Kim Sillcox, SAC's Director of Communications. "We want our students to enjoy learning and should do whatever it takes to capture their interest and imagination. This makes it more exciting, more visual—I think that speaks volumes."

St. Andrews College Tablet PC Case Study (PDF 635 KB)


Fujitsu can help you offer students, faculty, and staff great technology products that suit your academic programs as well as your campus mission and environment.

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Fujitsu Facts

  • Fujitsu has been in business for more than 75 years, with over 30 years in America
  • Fujitsu innovations have led to over 34,000 patents
  • Fujitsu currently has 17 Silver-rated products on the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) list. EPEAT, operated by the Green Electronics Council (GEC), helps buyers evaluate, compare and select desktop computers, notebooks and monitors based on their environmental attributes
  • Fujitsu is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
  • Nearly 400,000 Fujitsu optical networking products have been deployed across North America