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SAP and Fujitsu


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At Fujitsu, our prime goal is to enable your company’s success. Just like a topnotch NASCAR pit crew, our team mobilizes the support you need to make your business objectives a reality. Whether you’re talking products, solutions, or services, the Fujitsu team delivers the “right combination” that helps IT and the business win the race, all day, every day.

Why Fujitsu?

One of only four SAP® Global partners, Fujitsu has collaborated with SAP for nearly 40 years to deliver products, solutions and services that meet a wide variety of business needs. Fujitsu is also a Certified SAP Hosting Partner with particular expertise in cloud computing platforms.

More Information on Hosting Partners - Fujitsu and SAP

Our experienced, full-service SAP Center of Excellence has a large pool of consultants worldwide. With more than 400 successful engagements – including implementations, rollout, upgrades, data migration, and ongoing support – our team of experts can maximize your investment in SAP solutions.

SAP Global Hosting / Cloud Certification for the United States

SAP Global Cloud Certification

SAP-Certified Provider of Cloud Services
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SAP Global Hosting Certification

SAP-Certified Provider of Hosting Services

SAP® Business Suite Solutions

  • SAP ERP: We offer a wide variety of SAP ERP implementation services that replace legacy systems with new greenfield implementations.

    SAP ERP Implementation Fact Sheet (PDF 569 KB)

  • SAP SCM: SAP Supply Chain Management-based (SCM) solutions improve costs and customer service, while decreasing overall supply chain inventory.

  • SAP CRM: SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) allows the formation of individualized relationships with customers. This improves customer satisfaction and maximizes profits, identifies the most profitable customers, and provides them the highest level of service.

    SAP CRM Fact Sheet (PDF 502 KB)

  • SAP Financials: Fujitsu has a full array of Financials-based implementation capabilities for delivering regulatory 'books of record' around such areas as General Ledger, Tax, Accounts receivable and payable, Consolidation, and others. We can bring real and sustainable business value by optimizing your SAP ERP Financials implementation.

    SAP Financials Fact Sheet (PDF 456 KB)

  • SAP HCM: SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) encompasses Advisory, Implementation and Optimization Services. Our team provides the right combination of expertise and value in the mid-sized market.

    SAP Human Capital Management Fact Sheet (PDF 579 KB)

SAP Industry Solutions

  • SAP Food and Beverage: Fujitsu brings you an Industry-specific, low-cost, and accelerated SAP ERP solution which can be implemented within 8 to 12 weeks, helping you to realize many business benefits at up to 30% lower TCO.

    SAP Food and Beverage Business Solutions (PDF 466 KB)

  • SAP Wholesale Distribution: The Fujitsu Dynamic Infrastructure solutions and comprehensive services for SAP provide you with accelerated and cost-effective options, most of which require only 12-16 weeks. You will recognize many business benefits such as automated chargeback management, and cutting your cash cycle in half while recovering 14-18% of chargebacks that were previously not billed to vendors. The Fujitsu solution also includes an internet portal, allowing you to place orders online with the immediate receipt of an ATP confirmation.

    Fujitsu Catch Weight Management Solution Fact Sheet (PDF 483 KB)

Dynamic Infrastructure Solutions

  • FlexFrame® for SAP®: A pre-integrated and highly efficient IT infrastructure that dynamically assigns servers to SAP applications on demand.

    More information on FlexFrame for SAP

  • The Fujitsu SAP HANA® Infrastructure solution: The Fujitsu SAP HANA Infrastructure solution enables businesses to analyze their business operations in real-time.

    More Information on SAP HANA

  • SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise: The Fujitsu Server Power Appliance for SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE), an end-to-end solution incorporating integrated services and support, significantly reduces complexity, risk, time-to-functionality and TCO for enterprises.

    More information on SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise

  • Best-in-class server platforms: PRIMERGY® servers and Intel®-based servers running Windows® and Linux provide high power efficiency and broad virtualization support. The SPARC Enterprise® Servers, offer mainframe class features with the Solaris® operating system.

  • Mobile Devices: Fujitsu LIFEBOOK® notebooks are some of the most reliable in the industry and our Tablet PCs are designed for on-your-feet or at-your-desk computing applications.

SAP® Support Solutions

  • SAP Mobility Solutions and Services: With mobile becoming the new desktop, organizations want to extend their business processes and engage their customers

    SAP Mobility Solutions and Services Fact Sheet (PDF 936 KB)

  • SAP Mobility Apps: With "New Mobility Apps", Fujitsu leverages its considerable expertise in SAP and complements it with our cloud strategy.

    SAP Mobility Apps Fact Sheet (PDF 664 KB)

  • SAP CBM RDS:  Fujitsu implementation service for SAP® condition-based maintenance (CBM) rapid-deployment solution can arm your maintenance teams with visibility and automation tools to increase return on assets, improve asset performance and reduce maintenance costs.

    SAP CBM RDS Fact Sheet (PDF 843 KB)

  • SAP AMS: SAP Application Management Service (AMS) provides cost effective application maintenance, enhancements and support that frees IT resources for other work.

    SAP Managed Services Fact Sheet (PDF 873 KB)

  • SAP Business Planning and Consolidation: Unify your financial data, increase profits and minimize risks leveraging Fujitsu expertise in SAP Business Planning and Consolidation. Clients achieve faster and more efficient planning, consolidation and accurate financial reporting with Fujitsu BPC Services based. on SAP.

    SAP Business Planning and Consolidation Fact Sheet (PDF 156 KB)

  • SAP Service Solutions: Fujitsu is well-equipped to offer compelling end-to-end solutions, not only for SAP implementations but for strategic initiatives and infrastructure management as well.

  • SAP Service Solutions Fact Sheet (PDF 680 KB)

  • SAP Upgrade: The best-in-class portfolio of Fujitsu SAP Upgrade services and accelerators can help you overcome various challenges and achieve further improvements in operational excellence and business enablement.

  • SAP Upgrade Services Fact Sheet (PDF 474 KB)

SAP® Platform Solutions

  • SAP NetWeaver®: SAP NetWeaver is the underlying platform for all SAP Business Suite applications. This platform can assist you in getting the most out of your investment in SAP in several ways. SAP NetWeaver enables the composition of end-to-end business processes on an agile and customizable platform. It also has the capabilities to stitch together your non-SAP application components using the latest technologies and tools.

    SAP NetWeaver Practice Fact Sheet (PDF 777 KB)

  • SAP Business Intelligence (BI): The Fujitsu SAP BI offerings allow you to manage and optimize your corporate performance by making effective business decisions. We have a proven track record in implementing SAP BI, Business Objects and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions.

    SAP Business Intelligence Overview Fact Sheet (PDF 592 KB)

  • SAP Business Intelligence - BusinessObjects Integration Assessment: The A BusinessObjects Integration Assessment from the Fujitsu SAP business intelligence (BI) practitioners helps clients establish a well-defined roadmap for integrating BusinessObjects tools with their existing SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) or BW system. Our practitioners are dedicated professionals with a proven track record in executing SAP BW and BusinessObjects projects. We specialize in SAP Business Intelligence (BI), BusinessObjects and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) implementations, upgrades and assessments.

    SAP BI - BusinessObjects Integration Assessment Fact Sheet (PDF 598 KB)

  • SAP User Productivity: Our expertise in productivity enhancing solutions can help you to improve your productivity by providing role-centric user interfaces (UIs).

  • SAP NetWeaver BW 7.0 Upgrade Assessment: An SAP upgrade doesn’t have to be as tedious a process as it's made out to be when utilizing our proven methodology, tools, accelerators, and expert personnel. We have the necessary experience and approach to ensure a successful, on-time, and on-budget SAP Upgrade.

    SAP NetWeaver BW 7.0 Upgrade Assessment Fact Sheet (PDF 569 KB)

  • Duet Demand Planning: Our innovative Duet offering provides employees with direct access to SAP data and processes using Microsoft Office applications. Our established frameworks, methodologies, and best practices have been honed from years of experience helping clients to solve real-world business challenges. We even have an on-site assessment that helps you calculate your ROI.

    More information on Rapid Duet Implementation