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FlexFrame for SAP


Ruag Company Logo


Ruag (Germany)
"The solution created by Fujitsu Siemens Computers lets us use the same infrastructure for SAP and Windows services because we can allocate resources as a function of dynamic needs. That's the kind of flexibility it took to convince us."

–Michael Kleemann, SAP System Manager, RUAG Ammotec GmbH

Ruag FlexFrame for SAP Case Study (PDF 108 KB)


Beiselen Company Logo


Beiselen (Germany)
"FlexFrame enables us to optimally execute business strategy. The concept behind the infrastructure solution and team competence live up to the promise."

–Ingo Weidner, DV Org-Director, Beiselen GmbH

Beiselen IT-Strategy Case Study (PDF 94 KB)


Hella KG Hueck and Company Logo


Hella KG Hueck and Co. (Germany)
"The FlexFrame concept is very convincing. We were able to effectively counteract rising costs, and the concept also showed us how to handle often unpredictable IT service requirements."

–Stefan Osterhage, Chief Information Officer, Hella KG Hueck & Co.

Hella Reduces IT Costs Case Study (PDF 333 KB)

Hella KG Company Logo


Hella KG (Germany)
"Harmonized processes that are mapped by integrated standard software and implemented in a flexible homogeneous infrastructure are required in today's business environment. This is the basis for effectively managing a global company made up of decentralized, independent units."

–Hans Sudkamp, Hella KG CFO

Hella Optimizing IT Resources Case Study (PDF 195 KB)


EDAG Engineering Company Logo


EDAG Engineering + Design AG (Germany)
"FlexFrame is a truly innovative and future-oriented solution which can be administered simply, and which allows us at any time to react quickly to changes in demand."

–Licensed data processor Raoul Flügel, team leader for Development & Basis Technology for EDAG Engineering + Design AG

EDAG FlexFrame for SAP Case Study (PDF 152 KB)


T Systems Company Logo
Amer Sports Company Logo
T-Systems & Amer Sports (Finland)
"FlexFrame enables us to respond flexibly to the demands of the dynamic sports equipment market and address new challenges quickly and efficiently."

–Stefan Schubert, IT Manager Europe, Amer Sports Europe Services GmbH

T-Systems & Amer Sports Case Study (PDF 333 KB)




Dexia Hypothekenbank Berlin (Germany)
"The decision in favor of FlexFrame from Fujitsu Siemens Computers was straight forward. The very high innovation level of the technology concept was the best for us."

– Frank Plaster, IT director, Dexia Hypothekenbank AG, Berlin

Dexia Hypothekenbank Case Study (PDF 200 KB)

Industrial Goods

GESIS Salzgitter Logo


Salzgitter AG (Germany)
"The infrastructure realized by Fujitsu Siemens Computers strengthens our competitive hand as a service provider as well that of our customer, Salzgitter AG—and is a terrific basis for the future."

– Günter König, Director of GESIS mbH and CIO of Salzgitter AG

Salzgitter AG & GESIS IT Case Study (PDF 86 KB)

Sanitärtechnik Eisenberg GmbH Logo


Sanitärtechnik Eisenberg GmbH (Germany)
"The first months of production show that the decision in favor of FlexFrame was the right one—in reference to operational efficiency as well as system extension. Also, it is very nice to be able to provide performance on demand for users."

–Daniel Krug, SAP project leader, Sanitärtechnik Eisenberg GmbH (SANIT)

SANIT Optimizes Business Processes Case Study (PDF 280 KB)

Information Technology

Plaut Company Logo


Plaut (Germany)
"A new era in SAP operation begins with FlexFrame. An era which is marked by more transparency and above all, efficiency. We have seen significant operational cost benefits."

–Hans Leitner, Competence Center Manager IT-Services, Plaut Systems & Solutions GmbH

Plaut FlexFrame for SAP Case Study (PDF 103 KB)

Siemens SA Logo


Siemens SA (Spain)
"FlexFrame is increasing the performance and cost-effectiveness of our outsourcing offering."

–Shahab Hosseini, IT Manager, Siemens S.A.

Siemens FlexFrame for SAP Case Study (PDF 274 KB)


Diakonie Logo


Diakonie (Germany)
"Sometimes we register data from thousands of contributions daily. FlexFrame gives us the confidence to be able to react quickly and economically to the high level of willingness of the population to contribute."

–Gert Kuchel, director of bookkeeping, Diakonisches Werk of the Evangelische Kirche Deutschland.

Diakonie FlexFrame for SAP Case Study (PDF 196 KB)

Dutch Ministry of Economics Logo


Dutch Ministry of Economics (Germany)
"FlexFrame is a driving force in the innovation of our IT. It is powerful, open, highly available and more economical than traditional IT infrastructures—in short, the ideal basis to enable us to meet future challenges head on."

–Rob Jalving, Head of ICT, Dutch Ministry of Economics

Dutch Ministry of Economics Case Study (PDF 114 KB)

TPG Post Logo


TPG Post (Amsterdam/Netherlands)
"FlexFrame is a milestone for managing SAP environments, because for the first time we can now dynamically change our IT resources in response to our business requirements. And as economically as possible!"

– Hennie Wesseling, Chief Information Officer, TPG

TPG Post FlexFrame for SAP Case Study (PDF 126 KB)


Getranke Essmann Logo


Getränke Essmann (Germany)
"Thanks to Fujitsu Siemens Computers' FlexFrame the future demands of our customers will neither catch us by surprise nor pose a problem for us. Now we are just well prepared."

– Klemens Wolters, IT director, Getränke Essmann GmbH

Getränke Essmann Lowers IT Costs Case Study (PDF 107 KB)



Getranke Essmann Logo


TT I Floor Care (USA)

Fujitsu and Oracle® Transportation Management (OTM) make transportation more efficient at TTI Floor Care.

OTM Success at TTI Floor Care Case Study (PDF 550 KB)



CSI Company Logo


CITIC Securities International Company Limited (Hong Kong)
"CSI chose Fujitsu over other companies due to a variety of reasons, but we felt that the company displayed leadership in server virtualization innovations and fully reflected our needs."

– Mr. Wilfred Chan, Director - IT and administration, CITIC Securities International Company Limited

CSI Server Virtualization Case Study


Fulton County
Fulton County (USA)
"We call it the 'Statue of Liberty email.' We asked IT managers to send us their tired, huddled servers. At that time, discrete locations were each maintaining their own servers. And some of them weren't backing up data. So implementing a server-consolidation strategy to cut administration costs and start using consistent data backup policies was the right thing to do."

–Jay Terrell, CTO and deputy director of IT for Fulton County

Fulton County Server-Consolidation Case Study (PDF 319 KB)


LifePath Hospice logo


LifePath Hospice and Palliative Care (USA)
"Using Fujitsu Tablet PCs and SunCoast Solutions, our staff can access up-to-the-minute patient information, admit new patients, and track patients' progress quickly and easily."

– Larry Witt, Chief Information Officer at LifePath Hospice and
Palliative Care

LifePath Hospice Virtual Server Case Study (PDF 267 KB)

CHU de Nice logo


CHU de Nice (France)
"We are very satisfied with our choice. The migration took place in record time, and more dynamic performance paid off for us after only a few months."

–Philippe Mayer, Team Project Manager, CHU de Nice

CHU de Nice Virtualization Case Study (PDF 185 KB)


D. Swarovski & Co. logo


D. Swarovski & Co. (Austria)
"Swarovski and Fujitsu Siemens Computers - the two just go together. We value their reliable, professional and personal approach to work, their great flexibility and extremely good quality at a reasonable price."

–Elmar Neumann, Network and System Administrator, D. Swarovski & Co.

Swarovski Server Virtualization Case Study


Stadtwerke München Logo


Stadtwerke München GmbH (SWM) (Germany)
"We have achieved significant cost economies through server virtualization and are now very flexible when it comes to making new infrastructures available."

–Pascal Fuckerieder, Team Manager System Operation Database Applications, Stadtwerke München

SWM Server Virtualization Case Study (PDF 346 KB)