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Network adapters : Wireless LAN

Intersil PRISM Wireless LAN PCI Card

Version: 04/10/2003, 3.0.4


Release Notes:



1)       WPA is supported in Windows XP with Hotfix Q815485, KB826942 or ServicePack 2. Use Windows Update to install these updates.

2)       Windows 2000 and Windows ME will need third-party client software to support WPA.

3)       Under all Operating Systems: When the Access Point's SSID is set to "Not Broadcast", the Wireless card's "802.11D" property must be changed from "default" to "none". This setting is found on the "Advanced" tab of the Intersil PRISM Wireless LAN PCI Card Properties, accessible from Windows Device Manager.

4)       Changing the Roaming Threshold

a)      Open Device Manager.

b)      View the properties for “Intersil Prism Wireless LAN PCI Card” entry in the “Network adapters” group:

c)       Select the “Advanced” tab.

d)      Select "APDensity" in the “Property” list.

e)      Select the “Value” drop-down box and select one of the following entries:

i)        High Density: Roaming threshold is low and roams more easily. This is the default.

ii)      Medium Density: Roaming threshold is medium.

iii)    Low Density: Roaming threshold is high and doesn't roam until the current connection becomes very weak.

f)        Press the “OK” button to save changes


Pre-installation Notes:


Installation Instructions:

The Installation Instructions assume the files have been extracted to the default location from the driver download.


Step 1: Start the installation program


1. Click the Start Button and then the item "Run. . ."


2. Type or copy-in the following command in the "Open:" text box:


C:\Drivers\Wireless LAN\Intersil 3.0.4\Install\Setup.exe


3. Click [OK]



Step 2: Complete the installation program


1a. The installation program will begin, if it finds an older driver, it will ask to "Confirm File Deletion".

            Click [OK] to remove the old application and its components.

            A "Maintenance Complete" dialog will open, click [Finish] to exit.


            If asked, please restart your computer before continuing.

            Now follow step's 1 - 3 again to install the new driver.


1b. The installation program "Prism 11Mbps Wireless LAN Setup v3.0.4" will begin.


2. Click [Next].


3. A progress bar will show the drivers installing.


4. Click [Finish]


The driver is now installed, restart your computer if asked, otherwise you may notice your Wireless Connection re-associating with your network as it begins using the new driver.



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